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How It WorksGrow a Massive Following & Increase Your Engagement Naturally, & Reach a Wider Audience

  • YOU TELL US WHAT AUDIENCE TO TARGET When you sign up, please tell us a little about your brand & ideal demographic audience so we can best understand who to look for on Instagram.
  • WORK WITH A DEDICATED TEAM, YES A WHOLE TEAM! We build you a customized growth plan specifically designed for your account. Then we engage with your targeted audience 24/7 to get their attention. Think of this as a friendly tap on the shoulder inviting relevant users to check out your account!
  • GET YOUR BRAND NOTICED BY 1000'S EACH MONTH Engaging with someone ensures that your account will be seen by real people who will naturally decide to follow you if they enjoy your content and are interested in your brand.
  • GAIN REAL FOLLOWERS, POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS & FANSIf you are consistently posting and testing high-quality content that aligns with your audience, on average we see growth of 350+ to 1500+ new, targeted followers each month ** These numbers used to be much higher but due to further changes to the algorithm Instagram does not allow faster growth on its platform.
  • 24/7 CUSTOMER SUPPORT - FOUND NOWHERE ELSE!If you feel you aren't getting the right results, want to make an adjustment to your target audience, or simply just want to ask us a question we are always here for you! Don't hesitate to reach out!

Industry Leading Growth Experts100% Human Research + Decisions

Our organic growth expert team is the finest in the industry. We are obsessed with providing the best results in the industry. And we do, hands down.We take over your growth strategy so you’re free to run your business and pursue your passions. Our team are real humans researching and making strategy decisions before we use any of our algorithms. That’s the difference between other services and HypePlanner. Unlike most companies using restricted tools, we invest in a team of experts.

Create New Sources of Income Leverage Your Following to Earn More Money

The bigger your following, the more opportunities you have to generate wealth and true financial freedom:
  • Prove your authority to brandsto land lucrative sponsorship deals
  • Command more respect and higher pay when booking gigs
  • Sell products and services to your giant fanbase

Ultra Responsive
Customer Support
Contact Us Via Text, Phone or Email at a Moment’s Notice

Our average response time via text or email is about 17 minutes. Once we receive your message, we drop everything until you have the answer you need. We have support offices across the world so you can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Try the “Hello Test” right now! Just text “Hello” and see how fast we respond. You’ll be blown away.


Is there a chance Instagram will ban my account?

We are Instagram compliant and have never had a client’s account get shutdown. Not once. The only time client’s have had problems is when they were running outside Instagram bots on top of our service, which is strictly against our terms of service.

We stay within the boundaries Instagram provides, so you don’t have to worry.

How many followers should I expect?

Under the new Instagram limitations most of our clients get thousands of unique profile visits each month and follower growth of 350-1500+ new, real followers per month. YOUR NICHE AND CONTENT MATTER THOUGH AND DIRECTLY AFFECT YOUR RESULTS.

Why do you need my password?

Our human lead strategies are made scalable through our proprietary technology systems. In order to enable those strategies to function at scale, you must enter your password into our private and secure backend. Don’t worry, we never lay eyes on your password and we guarantee the security of your account.

Can I actually profit from these followers?

Yes! Just look at our case studies. We’ve helped tons of companies scale profits and become industry leaders. Again, your followers are actual humans. We don’t just get you followers, we build you a global fanbase on Instagram.

There are plenty of ways to profit, it’s just up to your creativity. You can sell products to your following directly, or leverage your influence to land brand sponsorships, impress potential clients, and stand out in your industry.

Are you just using bots to get fake followers?

No. Your followers will be entirely living, breathing humans with actual flesh and blood and brains. Every single person who follows you actively chooses to, because we only target people who would actually like your brand and the content you post.

What if I don’t have many followers already?

If you only have 200 followers now, you’ll still start getting followers within two weeks, but it will take a while to get your account warmed up. You can expect several hundred followers a month until you’ve built up a solid following. Then getting thousands of monthly followers gets easier and easier.

What if I rarely post?

You don’t need to post a ton to get a lot of followers, but the more quality content you post, the better results you’ll likely see. If you’ve posted one image and are never active, it’s harder for us to generate results. Remember, these are real people deciding whether or not to follow you back, so you’ll need to have some content for them to engage with.

How fast will I see results?

You’ll start gaining followers within two weeks, sometimes right away.

I’m afraid this isn’t going to work. Do you guarantee results?

You will gain followers. Period. We guarantee your follower count increases within two weeks, or you get your money back.

Where is your company based?

We are based in Los Angeles in the United States. We also have offices in Stockholm, Sweden, and Melbourne, Australia. We locate operations around the world so we can respond ASAP to clients throughout the day. We don’t outsource whatsoever. You will have a dedicated team comprised of our in-house experts.

Could I do this on my own?

Unless you want to make Instagram your full time job, no. It would a ton of work and even more luck to get the results we provide. The only other viable option is to go back in time to 2010 when Instagram was new and not at all competitive.

Does your service still work after Instagram’s recent algorithm changes?

Yes! Instagram recently changed its algorithm but we've adjusted our processes so that we still operate within Instagram's limits and our service is running normally. If you would like to find out more about the changes please text the number in the left hand corner!

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel anytime you wish. There are no contracts. Before you do though, feel free to text us. Often times, we can actually resolve any issues a client is facing very easily. It just takes communication, and we are more than happy to work with you to resolve any issues within our capabilities.

Note that you have to cancel one week prior to your re-bill date to avoid being billed for the following month

Can I pause my service without canceling?

Yes! You may pause service at any time. Simply send an email to: and ask to pause your campaign for you. This is a great option if you’d like to keep your targets and account information ready for when you’d like to restart your campaign in the future.

What if I want to get different kinds of followers?

Just let us know and we’ll change it. It’s quite simple. Normally we just have to change one or two of your target influencers to solve the problem.

Will you change my existing list of followers?

No. We save your original "following" list. We never touch any accounts on this list. You can continue to use your Instagram as normal and preserve your existing following.

Do you post content for my account?

No, we do not post content for you.

Do I have to stop using my account as normal?

No. You can keep using Instagram as normal. Just make sure that you don’t try to interact with a large number of accounts on your own. Taking too many actions in a day could jeopardize your account. We stay well within Instagram’s limits though, so this has never been an issue.

However, do make sure that we are your only Instagram growth service! Running two services at once could get you blacklisted.

How do I grow my follower count?

Once signed up, we start our research immediately into locating your ideal followers, target audience or customers. We create extensive, detailed lists of users or ’sources' we feel may have interest in your account. We then follow large amounts of relevant users we feel may be interested in your account, a process which directs thousands of people to your account every week that probably would never have seen your profle otherwise! To repeat the process, we unfollow these users after just a few days and then repeat this process over & over while you gain thousands of new and engaged followers to interact with each month.

Does this only work for certain sized businesses?

No. We’ve helped small companies, big corporations, and individuals. We’ve even help people grow from just 200 followers to tens of thousands. You might start slower at first if you have very few followers and limited content, but we always get client’s there with time.

Can I do a free trial?

No. Our methods takes far more time and work than almost any other Instagram growth service around. Other companies just flip a switch to get you going. We hire actual Instagram growth experts to guide your growth, and we have to pay them.

But your can feel free to sign up for a month or two and stop if you don’t like it. There are no contracts, so you can stop whenever you want.



  • We Research Your Brand
  • We Research Your Target Audience
  • Highly Targeted Growth
  • Change Targeting Anytime
  • No Fake/Bot Followers
  • Instagram Compliant
  • Dedicated Instagram Specialist
  • 24/7 Management + Support
  • No Contracts – Cancel Anytime

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