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Some start out on Instagram with the dream to be able to grow their following, to simply be able to share a passion with a large number of people. We break down the best ways to make money on Instagram in 2019.


Now that you have managed to do that, how could you possibly turn that into something that makes you money in return?


Apart from having a large following reflect positively on you and your content, a large following can also be crucial to helping you turn your Instagram into a business of sorts.


Let me explain…


How To Monetize And Make Money From Instagram In 2019


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As with traditional marketing, the more people that are exposed to a particular advertisement, the more likely it is that they will buy it based on that exposure.


Instagram works in much the same way. If you have a large following and post about a particular product, there is a high probability that the people who follow you will go out and buy that product based on your recommendation.


This is referred to as Influencer Marketing, which is usually the most common way in which people with large followings make money. The easiest way to define influence marketing is a brand hiring an influencer to create content around a product to in turn reach a wider number of audiences through a trusted source.


The key to monetizing your Instagram is making sure you have a base of highly engaged, targeting followers that would be interested in relevant products and services. Make sure you grow your Instagram account organically, rather than buying vanity, fake followers. You want real people that will make real purchasing decisions.


Making Money On Instagram With Affiliate Marketing



Another way in which individuals with a large following can make money is through Affiliate Marketing.


While there are some similarities between this and influencer marketing, affiliate marketing helps individuals make money through a commission of products sold on your platform.


When you’re making a small percentage from selling products that aren’t yours, it’s easy to constantly promote them. And because of this, it makes it super easy to be able to sell as an affiliate.


Seriously, any product could work! It is a great way to make a consistent income from Instagram. All for sharing content. Doesn’t sound so bad!


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Tips To Attract Affiliate Partnerships And Sponsorships With Brands


Some tips to help you look more attractive to brands…


  • Know your market. Brands want to know who they can reach, and the more they learn about your audience, the more valuable your Instagram becomes


  • Have a media kit ready to go. If you have no idea where to start, do a quick search for templates


  • Scope out similar brands you like and create content that aligns with theirs. This will get their attention a positive way and it’s an easy way to organically break the ice


Apart from being able to make money off your Instagram, having a large audience can be beneficial. You build ongoing trust with them. This can bring you all sorts of different opportunities that you might not have had access to before.


With a stable audience, you can receive many perks of working as an influencer such as free products and services. This is in exchange for simple posts, sponsorships and paid endorsements of all sorts. You may even get free sponsored trips! 


Simon Gorges down 5 ways to money on Instagram in 2019:

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