How to Combat the Instagram Engagement Drop In 2019



While I have 60 percent more followers today than I did a year ago, even fewer people are liking my posts than did back then.” Have you seen your likes and overall Instagram engagement drop in 2019?


I think we can agree this is becoming a hot topic for many Instagram users, this has become dramatic enough for us to start researching why and it boils down to the following:


  • More Instagram Users (Now at 1 billion+) = Less Engagement for everyone
  • Quality of Content
  • New Instagram Features = The App User Experience is Changing
  • Instagram’s push for Paid Ad’s & finally monetising on the platform


Instagram’s Engagement Drop In 2019


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Let’s start off with this number, 1 billion! Instagram has continued to expand, with roughly 11% of everyone on Earth now using the platform.


And the most impressive part? The average time spent on Instagram has been increasing by 80% each year. So, what does that mean? As the user base grows, it’s not only becoming increasingly difficult to get your posts in front of people that follow you, but the competition & good content is at an all-time high!


Whenever engagement drops, it drops across the entire platform. You’re never alone in your struggles. Even celebrities can suffer. Instagram continually tweaks the way it serves the content to its users, so everybody’s engagement is bound to fluctuate. The bigger your account is, the more noticeable the fluctuations may become!


This isn’t just an issue you’re having to deal with. If it affects you, it is certainly affecting other users on Instagram. The rate at which content is produced and posted to Instagram is at an all-time high. The best way to combat the Instagram engagement drop is to work on the quality of your content. 


If your content doesn’t compare to others in your niche, with the supercharged growth of users on Instagram, your engagement will suffer.


Optimize Your Audience To Increase Engagement


A major issue we see is audience alignment… or should we say, misalignment? If your engagement is suffering and declining, this is also a strong indicator that your audience and your message are not in alignment.


This would be a good time to start testing different things. Change things up with your content and see what works and what doesn’t for both you and your audience. The best content is content that aligns with what your audience wants to see and what they engage with most.


Optimize Your Instagram Content


“The algorithm changed, and no one sees my posts anymore!”


Later breaks down exactly how the Instagram algorithm works in 2019.


In simple terms, they say, “Your Instagram feed isn’t just based on who you follow, it’s also based on who and what you like. The more they think you’ll “like” that post, the higher it appears in your feed. This is based on “past behavior on similar content and potentially machine vision analyzing the actual content of the post.”


When Instagram first broke news of the new algorithm, they commented, “The order of photos and videos in your feed will be based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post.”


It’s easy to blame algorithm changes for getting fewer likes, fewer comments, fewer impressions and fewer followers, but the algorithm isn’t the main factor that drives engagement and attracts new followers.


The simple way to get more engagement on your posts? Create more engaging content that speaks to your current audience. Engagement groups used to be a popular method of increasing initial engagement on your content; however, they have become less effective. That may be one reason for the engagement drop on Instagram. Old strategies may no longer work based on ever-evolving Instagram algorithm.


However, the process for identifying the content strategies to follow is more or less the same.


  • Understand your audience profile
  • Research your content
  • Find a content perspective
  • Create unique, high quality and captivating content that accurately tells your story
  • Test, test, test


All of this to say, there are a few important questions to keep in mind when your main goal is to post engaging content to Instagram.


  • Do you post what your followers want to see?
  • Is your account posting at optimal times?
  • Are you participating enough?
  • Do you have clear call-to-action on your content?


At a broad level, increasing your Instagram follower engagement is a matter of trial and error. What works for one user or follower profile may not necessarily work for another.


New Instagram Features & What It Means For Engagement


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Instagram over the recent years have released numerous new features to the platform including Instagram Story, LIVE Story, IGTV & Story Highlights. Have you ever found yourself simply scrolling through stories or IGTV channels, instead of scrolling down the Instagram feed you’ve scrolled endlessly so many times?


This has actually become the case for many IG users. It is also much quicker to scroll through some stories and not have to take the time liking and commenting on peoples posts.  


It makes sense that the user experience on the platform is changing and this explains some of the engagement drop issues on posts. So we shouldn’t feel too bad if we are truly posting quality, well thought out content and not getting the likes we were expecting. The best way to combat the Instagram engagement drop in 2019 is to focus on high-quality content. As well as engaging every day with your following and potential followers.


A better way to look at your engagement is to start noting the reach and impressions. Which show how many users your content actually was displayed to and how many viewed your content. If you are set up as a business account you can find this information in your Insights. 


Paid Instagram Ads And Organic Content


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After many years of unstoppable growth on the free app Instagram,  and after Facebook have now fully absorbed the company, the time has come for them to really cash in on the app that has been worked so hard on. It makes sense and we don’t really have any right to be mad about it!


Instagram has provided so much opportunity to individuals and businesses alike, worldwide. If you are a business and have the budget, it is worth looking into paid ads as part of your strategy on Instagram. The downside is that to run successful campaigns through paid ads the fees can add up pretty quickly.


Especially when you take into account the fact you need strong content to advertise your message, a marketing team to implement a sales funnel, working strategy and the cost to set up and run the ads. Let’s be honest, boosting small amounts of money aimlessly into ads isn’t going to get you far. 


Learn more about the Instagram engagement drop from the Tattooed Entrepeneur:



Increase Your Instagram Engagement In 2019


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Allowing you to focus your time more on your brand and content, to fully optimize your strategy, so you can operate at your highest potential. With your new followers and a strong content strategy in place, you should naturally notice a healthy increase in likes and engagement on your account 🙂

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