You’ve probably heard talk of Instagram engagement groups and wondered what they were. Well, let me break it down for you. Engagement groups, or ‘pods’, are Instagram users getting together to form their own group who possess different accounts within specific niches, such as fashion, food, travel and so on.



The Common Goal


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These groups all share a common goal; trying to increase engagement or grow a following by targeting users who show an interest in their niche. The theory behind this is that engagement will increase if a large number of users like and comment on your post shortly after you have uploaded it.



Everybody in the group is responsible for liking and commenting on each and every one of your posts as soon as they go up. Simply put, it’s a ‘scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ type of scenario.



It is believed that using engagement groups will ensure that your post will be seen on the explore page of Instagram and will be viewed by other users who are following the accounts that are engaging with you.



You could say that this is a simple way of trying to reach each other’s followers. However, it is important to note that there is no evidence that this method actually works. There are many Instagram rumors that don’t hold water.



A Flawed Method


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There are actually many flaws in this method. It is an extremely time-consuming process which involves the daily task of manually liking and writing unique, 4-word minimum comments on at least 100 users’ images.



For an engagement group to be considered successful, it should consist of 150-250 active group members for it to really start having a significant chance of getting you onto the explore page. You are then required to manually like and comment on all those accounts in order for all of them to return the favor on your images. This will generally take 2-3 hours each day, with no guaranteed results. 


It’s Not Organic!

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Furthermore, you may think that you are doing things organically, but it is actually quite the opposite. Instagram’s algorithm may flag your account for spam as this type of repetitive activity is obvious to the algorithm, and comes off as a bad botting service (which funny enough, seems to be something engagement group users refuse associate with).



Engagement groups provide FAKE COMMENTS, FAKE LIKES, FAKE ENGAGEMENT, AND NO GUARANTEED RESULTS. All you are doing is having the exact same users engage with your posts with FAKE ENGAGEMENT.



Essentially, you are just sharing your Instagram content with each other and are most likely preventing other users from finding you, which is the exact opposite of what these groups are trying to achieve!



Often, the types of people joining engagement groups are those who are against the idea of automation methods such as following other users to gain their attention.



Sure, you might see engagement levels of your posts increase, but once you leave the group, the numbers will decrease as there is no consistent or steady organic growth with engagement groups. You’ve essentially dedicated valuable time and effort –with nothing to show for it.



Proving Yourself to the Group


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Another notable point is that most users consider finding an engagement group difficult. As Instagram is cracking down on any activity that can be identified as ‘spammy’, groups tend to not advertise themselves as engagement groups. And when you do find a group, there is a chance that you won’t be welcomed with open arms.



Long story short, if it takes that much time and effort to track down and gain the acceptance of an engagement group, you’re better off using that time producing quality and engaging content for your own account. While organic growth takes a while to get going, it is important to build that real relationship with your target audience, as this is what will give your account long term success.



Flawed Analytics



Another downfall with engagement groups is that you are unable to accurately measure what works and what doesn’t. Analytics are extremely important when it comes to understanding what your audience likes in regards to your content and what they engage with the most.



These are important factors to consider when curating content for your account; they will help or hinder your growth. Its your job as a creator to convince followers to interact with your content and follow your account.



What Can You Do?



If you are looking to grow your account, we suggest looking into a real agency like HypePlanner, who offers an experienced team and impressive customer support.



Lastly, remember to be patient, continue posting quality content that resonates with your audience and watch your following grow-organically, of course.

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