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A lot of people are wondering if the Instagram follow/unfollow method still works with the Instagram algorithm in 2019. 


The short answer is yes, it can be a great way to grow your account. The long answer is you have to do it the right way, just like anything else. 


The key to successful Instagram growth is feeding the Instagram algorithm, which means posting great content and engaging with other users in an authentic way. However, there are ways you can grow your account quickly, and the Instagram follow unfollow method is one of the best ways for consistent, predictable growth. If you want more followers, this is one of the best ways to do it.


To grow your account, you need people to see your account first. If a person isn’t following you already, there are limited methods to do this. The follow/unfollow strategy is one powerful strategy to do this. 


Instagram Follow Unfollow Strategy For Instagram Growth



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What Is The Instagram Follow / Unfollow Strategy


The follow/unfollow Instagram strategy is quite simple. You follow other users, and unfollow them after a period of time or based on your criteria. People typically unfollow accounts if they don’t follow them back after a period of time. Essentially you’re following a lot of accounts in the hopes of attracting relevant people who like your content. If they’re properly targeted and like similar content, they may follow you in return. Consider the Instagram follow unfollow strategy as a “friendly tap on the shoulder,” getting you in front of a potential follower that you wouldn’t otherwise have.


The key to effectively using the Instagram follow unfollow method is to do it in a targeted, strategic way. Don’t blast out a thousand follows to other accounts in an hour (Instagram would action block you anyway!) and expect good results.


The best way to use the Instagram follow unfollow trick is to follow people who would be interested in your niche. A good way to do this is to leverage your competitor’s following. A popular method for the unfollow strategy is to follow your competitor’s followers, as they’ve already demonstrated they’re interested in similar content.


For example, if you’re a fitness influencer, consider other athletic, fitness and lifting pages as potential pools of people to use the follow unfollow strategy. Start following their followers! Likely they would be interested in seeing similar content.


The number one mistake people do when following and unfollowing accounts on Instagram is incorrect targeting. You’re unlikely to get a follow back if your content isn’t relevant to the potential follower. The more relevant, helpful and good your content is, the more likely they’ll be interested and follow you back.


Another consideration is to make sure they’re actively engaging on Instagram. If they haven’t posted or engaged with content in months, it’s unlikely they’ll follow you back, and likely would decrease your engagement rates.


Also, consider engaging with a potential follower by leaving a genuine comment on one of their recent posts. People feel obligated to reciprocate and this will increase your chances of getting a follow back. You’ll also have the added benefit of increasing your reach by getting in front of more potential followers who see your comment and could check out your page.


The great thing about the follow unfollow strategy is it’s one of the only ways to deliberately get your amazing content in front of thousands of people per month who would potentially be interested in your content. The important thing to realize is it’s a powerful method and has to be done in the right way to avoid getting penalized or shadowbanned by Instagram.


While getting on the explore page or ranking high for a hashtag in your niche would yield amazing results, it’s often out of reach for smaller accounts (10,000 followers or less). So if you want your content to reach more than your existing followers, there’s not a lot of options for growing your account.


However, before you consider using the Instagram follow unfollow method, make sure your house is in order. You want to ensure your content is high quality, you’re using the right Instagram hashtags, and your bio is optimized. This will increase your chance of success and the likelihood of someone following you back.



How To Use The Instagram Follow Unfollow Strategy To Grow Your Account


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You can easily get your account shadowbanned, action blocked or outright banned if you don’t use the Instagram follow unfollow method safely. Consider these tips when using the strategy:

  • Follow people in your niche who are interested in similar content and accounts
  • Make sure you follow a safe number of people per day,  common suggested limit is no more than 250-300 accounts per day
  • Limit your unfollowing and make sure you don’t unfollow people too quickly
  • Engage authentically and manually leave a relevant comment on potential follower’s posts to increase the likelihood they’ll follow you back
  • Only follow active users who have engaged on content recently, otherwise, you’ll increase your following count but decrease your engagement rate
  • Consider using an Instagram growth service like Hypeplanner to accelerate your results and reduce the time you spend on the Instagram follow unfollow method


Safety is people’s number one concern with the follow unfollow strategy. The more you actually engage with other accounts, the less likely you are to appear “spammy” in Instagram’s eyes. From their perspective, it’s unlikely a normal account would be following 300+ users per day.


The key is in the targeting. Are you a beauty brand? Make sure to follow other beauty or makeup related accounts. Following a page or account about hiking is unlikely to yield good results.


The problem with automated Instagram growth software and bots is that people use them incorrectly. They think that the more accounts the follow, the better. This may work for a time, but Instagram will eventually catch on and penalize your account in some way.


Instagram Follow / Unfollow In 2019 – Does It Work In 2019?


Does follow / unfollow still work in 2019?





Despite what people think, the Instagram follow unfollow strategy still works in 2019. It rose to prominence several years ago, and has certainly been abused, leading to people thinking it no longer works. Instagram has ways of detecting unusual account activity. Don’t follow more than 50 accounts per hour, or 250-300 per day, and you’ll stear clear of penalty.


So long as you’re engaging with relevant, targeted accounts, you’re likely to go unnoticed by Instagram. All while getting your account noticed by thousands of potential followers per month, which will accelerate your followers and Instagram growth. This will lead to more visibility, engagement and ultimately growth for your brand or business.


Having a large social media following is incredible social proof. It’s also more important than ever as consumers spend an increasing amount of time on social media. If you’re not leveraging your Instagram following, your competitors are! It’s the cost of doing business these days.


The truth is the Instagram follow unfollow method won’t guarantee results. Ultimately, it’s up to the user whether they want to follow you back. You should steer clear of any growth service that guarantees results. This indicates they aren’t using a legitimate strategy and you shouldn’t trust them with your money and the safety of your account.


It takes time to deploy a legitimate, safe Instagram growth strategy. If you have a smaller account, you need to “warm-up” your account, and not instantly start following hundreds of people per day. This could signal to Instagram you’re using software, a bot, illegitimate tactics, or spamming.  This will put your account in jeopardy.



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Dustin Noriss breaks down how to use the follow unfollow method correctly in the following video:



Use A Managed Instagram Growth Service


Hypeplanner allows you to spend more time on your content and business, and less time growing your account. If you want an effective, safe and reliable way to grow your followers by the thousands, consider one of our Instagram growth plans. Check out our case studies to find out how we’ve helped thousands of other accounts like yours grow their followers significantly.


Many businesses don’t have time to manage their Instagram account on a day to day basis. This leaves three options:


  • Hiring an internal or external social media expert, which can be prohibitively
  • Use automated software or an “Instagram bot,”  which can put your account at risk as it violates Instagram’s terms of service
  • Hiring a managed Instagram growth service like Hypeplanner


With our Instagram growth plans, we put massive Instagram growth in the reach of any brand, influencer or business at an affordable price, with amazing results.


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