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While every niche and account is different, we’ve identified a few core tips to help you grow your organic Instagram account growth in 2019.


These tips are applicable for anyone and should be on your mind if you’re trying to amass a large organic Instagram following on Instagram in 2019. If you want to get real, targeted Instagram followers consider three essential tips:


3 Tips For Organic Instagram Growth In 2019


Man holding phone looking at his organic Instagram account growth.


1. When To Post To Increase Your Organic Instagram Growth


Timing your posts correctly is the best way to ensure that your audience is seeing your posts first on their feed.


Instagram now uses an algorithm to determine what content you see from the accounts you’re following and is no longer reverse chronological (as are most social media platforms in 2019) when you post can have a big impact.


There is no correct answer as to what time of day gets the most engagement, as it depends on your following. The most important thing to do is carefully test for organic Instagram account growth.


For the best results, compare apples to apples in your testing to isolate each variable as best as you can. No two pieces of content are exactly the same, but consider test content of similar quality, on the same day (ex: Tuesdays) at two different times. Then, after a week you can see which time yielded to most or least engagement.


This will maximize your organic Instagram account growth over time as the more engaged your following, and the higher engagement your content receives, the more likely you are to be shown to potential users outside of your direct following (ex. explore feed, hashtag searches).


Chart showing the best times to post on Instagram.




























Image by Later after analyzing the engagement on over 12 million global Instagram posts.


Instagram Analytics


Pay close attention to your analytics regarding the best times to post. Take a look to see when your audience is engaging with your posts the most as well as what times they are most active on Instagram. This will improve your organic Instagram account growth


One of the best ways to do this is to simply test, test, test. Change the times you post, and pay attention to which post had the highest levels of engagement. Over the course of a month, you should be able to detect patterns and determine what time works best for you.


It is also important to keep in mind the time zones of your audience, whether they are local or international you want to capture them at a good time.


In instances you have international followers, the best option is to post at optimal times in accordance with where your largest following is from. By understanding these factors, it will give you a one up to make the algorithm work best for you and give you the best results.


2. How Often To Post For Organic Instagram Account Growth


Truth is, the answer varies greatly for each account. It might be up to three times a day or it might be every two days.


The amount you post to Instagram will depend on what your followers want and how much time you dedicate to your Instagram strategy.


There are certain accounts that users don’t mind seeing a lot of and then there are those they get sick of quite quickly. Now is a good time to take a close look at your analytics and start running some tests to determine how often your audience prefer to see your content.


Some larger brands who have a large international or niche-specific following post up to 30 times a day!


They are also posting a wide variety of unique content to appeal to a wider audience.


There is not one set-in-stone answer here. How often to post will probably also depend on how much content you have access to, you want to make sure you are posting the highest quality content you can.

Sheldon Evans delves into some pitfalls to avoid, and how to increase your organic Instagram account growth in this excellent video breaking down how the Instagram algorithm works:



3. What To Post To Accelerate Your Organic Instagram Growth


In order to attain a significant level of success on Instagram, it is more important than ever to produce content that really stands out from other users.


Consistency is key, and it is important to create content that your audience wants to interact with.


This also works well with the new algorithm. Once Instagram picks up on the fact that you’re creating content that resonates with your audience, it places both your account and your images in a better position, providing more opportunities for new followers.

Instagram themselves have made it clear that they want you to post original, high-quality content. If this means only posting a few times a week, then that’s okay!


You want your brand to look good on Instagram, after all, it is a highly visual platform and your brand’s reputation is on the line here.


The better content you produce, it also becomes easier to be able to monetize your account. By showcasing your best content on Instagram, this helps your account become a digital portfolio for your brand, giving potential collaborators an idea of what you and your brand stand for.


35 Tips For Improving Your Organic Instagram Account Growth


Phone with Instagram open on a marble table next to a DSLR camera.




















The three core pillars of a successful Instagram account can’t be ignored: create high-quality content, post consistently, and post at optimized times, there are a number of tips you can integrate into your ownorganic Instagram account growth strategy to maximize your success.


Here are a few tips to maximize your Instagram account growth rate:


  • Use a minimum of 8-10 relevant hashtags, up to 30. Based on research and testing, 25 hashtags seems to maximize the most organic growth for your Instagram account. Make sure they’re relevant, specific, and not too competitive (so you have a fighting chance at getting on the explore page via your relevant hashtag). The bigger your Instagram audience, the more likely you’ll be able to compete in more competitive search terms (usually shorter Instagram keywords)


  • Consider getting a high quality, an external camera such as a DSLR to really take your image quality to the next level


  • Include a mix of less competitive hashtags and more popular hashtags, to balance the amount of traffic and the likelihood you’ll show up


  • Make sure to create your branded hashtag, which is an easy win to show up in a likely low competition search


  • Include a call to actions in your content. What do you want your followers to do? Make sure it’s in an authentic, genuine way. No one likes spammy content, especially Instagram users! Calls to action can increase engagement by up to 90%


  • Apparently Mayfair is scientifically the filter that receives engagement. Always use Mayfair (just kidding, but this is an interesting thing to keep in mind)


  • Questions such as “What do you think of X,” included in your posts is a tried and trued method to increase your engagement. People love talking about themselves and asking questions!


  • Make sure to respond to each and every comment, if you can to boost your engagement metrics, engage your fans and create evangelists for your brand. People love feeling special and like they can engage directly with you. There’s no shortcut for this except hard work and putting in the time


  • Include important keywords in the beginning of your post so people are more likely to see it before Instagram automatically cuts off a long post on certain devices/browsers


  • Interact with accounts that do not follow you to expose your Instagram account to potential followers, customers, and clients. Make sure they would be in your target demographic. A great way to do this is to examine people who follow content similar to yours or others in your Instagram niche


  • Interact daily with your existing follower base. You never know where this could lead!


  • If you’re just starting out on Instagram, it’s best to generate a library of content before you really start putting yourself out there. You don’t want people finding your account and seeing you don’t yet have any content posted


  • Consider creative types of content such as boomerang videos, collages, etc. A lot of internal Instagram features and external editing apps and tools make this a breeze even if you’re not a photographer pro


  • Have a roughly consistent visual aesthetic so your Instagram feed looks aesthetically pleasing and consistent. Often this can be a theme (food, fitness, etc.) or even a particular filter or angle  you take your photos and videos


  • Engage with your competitor’s content so potential followers will see you in the comment section and potentially find your Instagram feed


  • Leave genuine, engaged comments that comment on something specific in their comment or post. Don’t copy and paste a canned response. A little extra work yields much better results that will boost your organic growth


  • Link to your Instagram account from your other social media accounts, websites and directory listings to leverage your existing audience to grow your Instagram


  • Tag other content creators and Instagram accounts to get their attention. This could lead to a huge surge of followers if you get noticed by the right people. It’s a numbers game, so focus on creating great content and start putting yourself out there!


  • Reshare your audience’s content, social media all about give and take and engagement. Give back to your community if it fits in to your content strategy


  • Kickstart your audience by leveraging your connections in real life. Your friend circle should be an easy early win to get your first few followers


  • Consider leveraging Facebook & Instagram’s incredibly powerful paid advertising platform. For a relatively low cost, you can expose your organic content by paying to run ads to show up in front of thousands. Often, very large accounts will run ads on almost all of their organic content to get it trending and off the ground. These posts look like an organic post but will have an “Ad” indicator and will show up in your feed even if you haven’t followed the account based on the targeting they’ve set


  • Make sure to switch your profile to an Instagram business profile to leverage more tools and analytics


  • Consider planning out your content strategy 2 weeks or a month at a time with an editorial content calendar, and schedule them ahead of time. This “batching” of tasks is more efficient and allows you to plan ahead. That frees up your time to be able to engage on a daily basis. Most large Instagram accounts do this, as it’s unrealistic unless you have a large team to generate fresh content on a daily basis


  • Post content consistently


  • Videos are always a great type of content and typically receive more engagement. It’s worth the time, money and effort to create videos if you really want to take your account to the next level


  • Leverage Instagram’s live broadcasting feature as this has been demonstrated to increase your engagement on Instagram’s algorithm. Social media platforms always reward you for leveraging all of their products and new features


  • Plenty of external social media scheduling apps allow you to set up “social listening,” this is when you get an alert when someone on the internet discusses your brand name, keyword or any other words you set up to watch for. This allows you to jump into the conversation as it’s happening to expose your brand to a wider audience


  • Portrait mode is the ideal mode as the vast majority of Instagram’s userbase is on mobile


  • Ensure your Instagram images are of high quality only. As with any rule, there are exceptions such as ironic meme pages that use this in an ironic way


  • Do your research ahead of time on popular keywords, hashtags, and types of content by looking at what the top accounts are doing in your vertical. Art is often a combination of inspiration and imitation that leads you to create something unique in your own voice, but if something is working for someone else, it may work for your account too


  • Consider partnerships, mutual shoutouts and engagement groups to expose your account to a wider audience. As with any relationship, you want to make sure it’s a mutually beneficial one. Consider what can you offer other accounts, and what value can you bring to the relationship? If you go in with this mindset, you’ll find partnership outreach begins succeeding more consistently


  • Keep track of your Instagram analytics consistently and consider scheduling a weekly time to do a review and consider using third-party analytics platforms for superior data and visualization, if you have the budget for it


  • Use Instagram stories. Most large accounts do, and you should too as it improves your account’s engagement based on the Instagram algorithm for organic Instagram account growth


  • Put your face out there! Social media is all about authenticity and putting a face to a name. Content that has human faces in it typically does better than more impersonal content


  • Consider what your goals are for your brand and business, then reverse engineer the process and break it down so it can integrate into your content strategy. Do you want more exposure, sales or social proof? Craft your messaging and content around this



Examples Of Amazing Instagram Content Feeds


There are amazing examples of individuals achieving great success through their eye-catching and engaging feeds. These Instagram accounts have achieved incredible success with the above techniques we laid out. Feeds such as:





Photo of an Instagram account bio page.

She utilizes the video function for all of her content, which increases the opportunity of her content going viral.


It also helps with the engagement of both content and engagement of her users as well as being able to reach a wider variety of different people.


It also looks good for the account, as the number of ‘views’ a video has is usually higher than the overall number of ‘likes’.


It is clear to see that she is a fitness professional and provides value to her users by sharing her workouts for her followers to be able to use too.


This is an amazing growth strategy, as a large portion of her following are most likely saving these workouts and re-visiting the page.


So why does this work? It works as she is leveraging her name as an industry leader and has the easy opportunity to sell in the fitness industry.




Athleta Instagram account biography page.

This account is truly optimized and set up for business by utilizing the shop function available on Instagram.


Using a mix of eye capturing videos and still images, this account is showcasing active individuals wearing their brand.


Why does it work? It works as customers are able to easily shop the feed. They are also being shown what the activewear actually looks like on a person. This is opposed to just still images of the clothing.


It also provides potential customers the opportunity to see how the activewear performs while exercising. This allows them to see how the activewear moves with them.








bevhillshotel Instagram account page.

A brand centered around unique, fun and memorable retro branding. They clearly stand out amongst their competitors as their brand is easily recognizable to the public.


Why does this work?


Because then the brand is built around being able to stand out, it makes it a unique and interesting place to visit.


Another plus is all the super Instagrammable locations in the hotel to entice Grammers to pay a visit!










wearecombi Instagram account page.

Another brand that combines a mix of both videos and still images on their feed.


They use their feed to create a visual display of appetising foods and beverages from their menu. They also create a beachy vibe by including the occasional tropical image to appeal the surfers and beach lovers alike.


Why does it work? Because they stick to their niche, with a healthy, quick and easy, laid back beach vibe consistently throughout their feed.


The content is well thought out and presented, keeping a bright consistency throughout their feed.







There should be a strong focus on creating quality and engaging content that your followers actively want to interact with.

You want your feed to cohesively show what you’re all about at all times. Our advice here: dedicate sufficient amounts of time and resources to your content creation. High-quality content is always the key to success on Instagram.


Need help getting traction? HYPEPLANNER offers Instagram content management so you can focus on your content creation allowing you time to perfect your strategy. Feel free to view our plans here.


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