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“Why don’t you like me?” You might ask yourself this question daily. Instagram has changed significantly in the last few years. So don’t worry it’s not you, it’s me–the Instagram algorithm. That’s why most users are getting less likes on Instagram than before. Read on to learn about why you are getting less likes on Instagram in 2019.

Instagram Likes And How They Work In 2019


Hopefully, this is about to be an old thought as we uncover some real reasons behind everyone’s decline in ‘likes’ on Instagram.


Likes on Instagram can be a marker for a number of different things that relate to your organic Instagram growth. Maybe you find that particular content funny or insightful. Or maybe you’re just helping a friend and fellow Instagrammer with engagement.


Whatever the reason, a ‘like’ can help the user gauge what content resonates with their audience.


So why has there been a significant decrease in user engagement on Instagram? Is it just not engaging? Have we really become that picky with what we deem ‘likable’ content?


Or could this be viewed as a way in which to spend less time on the platform? Either way, likes are free, cost nothing to give, and show a little love to content creators. Why are we all being so stingy?


Understanding Instagram’s Business Model And How It Affects Engagement


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Instagram’s business model: it’s user attention.

Most social networks are free, and their user’s likes, dislikes, and behavior are their products. With this data, they monetize their platforms with their ad networks that allow businesses to pay for user attention. These trends are invaluable for businesses looking to target their ideal and target customer.

As the saying goes, when the product is free, you are the product.

Instagram’s advertising model, platform and advertisers are a huge part of what drives the direction of the social platform. It’s all about the advertisers. Understanding this is crucial to succeeding on Instagram as a business or influencer.


How To Get More Engagement On Instagram–It’s Not Just About Likes


With recent new changes to Instagram, the content that an Instagram user engages with changes what new content that user will see.


If you liked a post that was centered around beauty, Instagram will take this information and then show you similar beauty content. The same goes for users that Instagram feels we interact with most.


If you like a few photos from a particular account, Instagram uses this information to then display that users’ content higher up on your personal feed. The opposite is true for content from users that you may engage with occasionally, or not at all. This all ties back to Instagram wanting to create a curated and personalized feed for all users, based on content that users engage with most.


However, this isn’t always accurate. If you liked one random image from a particular niche account. Instagram still takes that single interaction into account and will show you similar content. So, could this be a contributing factor in the steady decline of the number of Instagram users that like and engage with other users’ content?


Yes and no.


Instagram Likes – It’s All About Content And Relevance


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While we can all agree that it can become a bit spammy to be constantly inundated with content that we only interacted with once, it’s become less about a subconscious plot to beat the algorithm and more about the fact that the content that we engage with and like on Instagram has become a reflection of ourselves, and say a lot about who we are. And while this might sound a little odd, think about it this way.


We all know of the explore page of Instagram. It’s a wonderful place to find people you might want to follow, or funny videos (once again based off what you like) but you can also see what other people you follow like and interact with.


When it all comes down to it, we are all very self-conscious individuals. We know that what we post is available for all to see and that different people will choose to view that content in a different way than what was intended.


Instagram allows users to be both private and public at the same on the exact same platform. Which is probably why we have become so selective with content we choose to like. It’s easy to simply browse and keep what you like to yourself, private, without giving out a like.


People seem to be getting a new mentality that they don’t need to like everything. There’s that, or maybe liking is just simply getting old, like playing the same game over and over.


Creating Engaging Instagram Content For 2019


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So what can we that rely on Instagram for work and business do now?


It’s time to shift our focus to the more important engagements.


That is reach and impressions. You should accept most Instagram accounts get fewer likes than they used to. Start paying attention instead to how many your content is being shown to and how many people are actually viewing it.


These are two simple and valuable insights Instagram will show you if you are set up as a business account. Pay close attention to this and you can also measure and better your strategies, perhaps even gain a few more hard-to-come-by likes in the process.


Here’s an excellent video by Vanessa Lau on how to improve your engagement, likes and boost your Instagram over-all with 6 simple tips.



Comment below and tell us how your engagement is going on Instagram in 2019. Have you been receiving less likes? Also feel free to contact us if you’d like our experts to handle your Instagram growth. You can even text us easily by clicking the “Chat Now” button to the right.

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