Client Onboarding DM Method

DM Method Client Onboarding

Congratulations on signing up for the DM Method. 

There are two components to the process: Messaging and Targeting:

Messaging – Together, we need to create a short message that we can mass DM out to your target audience. At the bottom of the page you will find templates that provide a framework to use for your custom message. You can either customize the message yourself OR you can let us do it for you! We will customize it based off your account, brand, and why someone would potentially want to follow you. 

*Please keep in mind the message cannot be longer than a sentence or two.

Targeting – We target your future followings by sending direct messages to the followers of specific accounts. It’s important that we work together to choose which accounts we will send a DM to all of their followers. It’s also important to note that the lower the amount of followers, the better. 

We find targeting works better with smaller follower accounts because the followers tend to be more engaged with that smaller account. Accounts like @nike are not good target accounts because large, public account often attract a bad audience. That does not mean you can’t use a larger account, but try to mix it up. 


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Need help coming up with a DM METHOD message?


Use our ideas!


Here’s some quick templates to build your own custom message.




  • Hi! I’m with ((account name)). We’re looking to connect with other ((niche audience)). Check out ((@accountname)). Hope to hear from you! 😌
  • Hi there! Love your profile, you should check out @—– and support them! It would mean a lot, so thank you! (and sorry for messaging you from this account)
  • Hi there! Just doing my part trying to support small businesses during this time, @—- sells ____. Would love the support! (sorry for the random message) 🙏
  • Hi there! @— is doing a free giveaway soon, just trying to help spread the word so sorry for writing ya from this random account.
  • Hi there! Saw that you’re into fitness, you should check out @—–, I love supporting others in the industry and they have some great content! 💪🏻
  • Hi there! Thought you’d want to look at @—- insta, they post the best beauty tips! (Sorry for the random message, just thought you’d like to see!)

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