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Loop Giveway What is a Loop Giveway?

Loop Giveway are a proven way to drive engagement on instagram. Influencers run giveways by offering a prize to their followers for interacting with pages they tag or follow. In order to participate, followers must follow those pages and/or comment on their last post. Upon comletion, the influencer or brand randomly chooses a winner!

How it works

  • We Pick An Influencer We hand pick a suitable influencer for your brand and goal, then plan your giveaway.
  • The Influencer Runs a Giveaway The influencer announces the giveaway on his/her page within 30 days.
  • The Growth Happens Your account will grow overnight with real followers and real engagement.

Example of a Loop Giveaway

Giveaway is Posted on Kim Kardashians profile

Users are directed to Scott Disicks account

Users follow all 75 users who Scott Disick is following

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