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The HypePlanner Guidebook

IMPORTANT information you need to review about your HypePlanner growth service

Bookmark this page now. It contains crucial information about our service that you will likely want to know. We are always available via text or email to talk about your questions, but you can also refer to this document to learn more about our service.

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  • 1. How Does HypePlanner Work?

    Our Methods

    We grow your account by helping you target an audience likely to love your content and engage them in a massive, but totally organic way. We are evangelists for the “follow/unfollow” method. Over the years, we have tested every method under the sun and have found this to be the only cost-effective, scalable method that guarantees results. So how does it work?

    1. Our team will work with you to define your ideal target audience and then figure out where they exist on Instagram.
    2. We will then (from your account) engage with your target audience by following their accounts to get their attention via Instagram notifications. Think of this as a friendly tap on the shoulder to let them know you exist. Once your target audience gets a notification that you followed them a % will come to your account, check out your content, and make a 'real person' decision to follow your account based on what they see.
    3. Our team will then unfollow all of the accounts we have engaged with and repeat the cycle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    If you’d like more info about how exactly this method works, you can read about it here:

    If you’d like to do a deeper dive into the audience targeting method we recommend, you can read more about it here:

  • 2. What Happens Next?

    What to Expect Now

    You won’t see maximum results for some weeks. Remember, the longer you are in our system the better your results. The first couple weeks are your warm up phase as it’s really important that we don’t attack full on right away. Doing so risks getting your account not looking natural to Instagram which can hurt your results.

    This doesn't mean you aren't going to gain followers right away, but we have to scale up your activity just like a typical user who is becoming more and more active on Instagram.

    Below is a timeline of what you can expect.

    Press + to open.

    • Week 1-3

      This is your warm up phase. Since your account is new to interacting with high volumes of users daily, we need to take it slowly at first. We will increase the activity just like any other user on Instagram would when becoming more active. The growth will continuously ramp up as your account grows. Please be patient early on as we must take things slowly per Instagrams rules.

    • Week 3-4

      This is where you will start noticing some REAL RESULTS, but often we need to switch out your targeting. We will consult with you when targeting or other details need to be adjusted.

    • 5+

      Your account is now fully warmed up and working at full capacity. However, results usually still get better and better each month. At this point we simply need to communicate, continuously monitor targeting, and work on any problems that sometimes can arise!

    Next 12 to 24 Hours

    A team member will contact you within 12 to 24  hours (most times instantly) to get you logged into our system.

    At times we may need to retrieve a 6-digit verification code that Instagram sends you. If requested by Instagram we need this to gain access & begin growing your account. This code is only sent when our team contacts you so no need to look for a code just yet, just be ready!

    • You will receive an SMS from our team within 24hours from +1 (323) 641-4484
    • Your verification code is sent to you from Instagram, via E-Mail or SMS
    • The code is time-sensitive, so you need to send it back to us quickly
    • Instagram may sometimes send you a "Was This You?" Please always select "IT WAS ME". The other option will prompt you to change your password & delay your growth service.

    Then you’re all set!

  • 3. Instagram Growth Problems

    Please understand that growth is never perfect. There may be occasional periods of a couple days where your growth goes slower, and some days it will go faster. There may be periods where you see your targeting is off. Regardless of the problems, our monthly growth rates are very consistent as long as you do you part with posting high quality content and staying true to your brand.

    We work constantly to deal with the problems and issues that inevitably arise when growing an Instagram account. We adjust to changes in Instagram’s algorithm, troubleshoot problems, tweak your targeting, fine tune engagement methods, and more. You may know that we use the follow/unfollow method, however this is just the method, which doesn’t describe the full depth of our work. To properly manage an Instagram account is a full time job.

    If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not get frustrated and simply talk to us about it! We are always available via email or text to talk with you about any issues you may have. After-all this is why you are paying us!

  • 4. Results to Expect Now

    Your results from HypePlanner depend primarily on the number of followers that you already have and the quality of your content (we cannot stress this enough).

    When starting from a smaller account it takes some time in the beginning to build up account trust and social proof. If you start from a larger, more established account, you have a head start. People are more likely to trust you and follow you at a higher rate.

    Here are some estimates based on results we are currently achieving for 2,500+ clients worldwide. *KEEP IN MIND THAT THESE ARE ESTIMATES ONLY. RESULTS ARE TIED TO YOUR NICHE AND THE QUALITY OF YOUR CONTENT.


    0 - 5000 FOLLOWERS
    Estimated gain of 300-1,200+ new followers each month

    5000 - 15000 FOLLOWERS
    Estimated gain of 500-1,500+ new followers each month

    15k+ FOLLOWERS
    Estimated gain of 1,200-2,500+ new followers each month

    40k+ FOLLOWERS
    Estimated gain of 2,000-2,500+ new followers each month

    150k+ FOLLOWERS
    Estimated gain of 2,500+ new followers each month

  • 5. Adjust Your Targeting

    Remember, Instagram growth is never perfect and this includes how we find your ideal audience. Finding and engaging your target audience is something that will most certainly need adjusted during your subscription (sometimes many times)! Email or text with your request if you want us to make any changes to your targeting.

    It’s as easy as that! Sometimes clients get frustrated because they feel targeting is off, but fail to remember that this is the exact reason they hired an agency.

    We highly recommend you read this article on how targeting works:

  • 6. Contact Your Growth Team

    We are now your Instagram Growth Agency and you are paying us to handle your account plus all the problems that comes with growing Instagram accounts . Please contact us anytime you’d like via text or email. As you’ve heard us say again, we are always available to talk. If you have any questions or concerns, we want to hear from you! We are real humans running this show, and we strive to offer the best customer service in the industry. Contact us via the methods below:

  • 7. Change Your Account Details

    If you change your username or password, please let us know immediately to avoid your service being temporarily interrupted.

  • 8. Pause or Cancel Subscription

    We will be sad to see you go but should you wish to pause or cancel your service please simply email us your request at least 5 days prior to your next billing due date to avoid being billed and to avoid us starting the work on your next month. Your subscription is re-occurring and due to the number of clients we have it is your responsibility to pause or cancel your subscription prior to your billing date. You cannot pause or cancel your subscription and get a refund once billed due to the resources we allocate to properly run your account.

  • 9. Refund Policy

    As you can see above, we put in a lot of work on our end. This is not a plug and play Instagram growth bot and this is not a fully automated system. We have a team to pay and we provide an agency service. Therefore we cannot issue any refunds.

    Please have realistic expectations of your service and take into account that we are dealing with the decisions of real people. We cannot force anyone to follow you. To get a higher result rate, you should look at improving your content strategy as this is mostly what it comes down to.

    The better the content & the more it resonates with other users, the better your results are going to be using our growth service. Need help with your content strategy? Read the next section. If you have any questions about your content strategy, ask us anytime!

    Refund Policy

  • 10. Improve Your Results

    Post High Quality Content!

    As we’ve said plenty of times, we deliver 100% organic growth. That means we cannot force anyone to follow you.

    While we deliver results for pretty much any account, the quality and consistency of your content greatly affects the quality of your results. If you have more interesting content, more people will follow you.

    If you want to get the most from HypePlanner, you should strive to post consistent, valuable, engaging, high quality, content. Generic type content will limit the number of followers you can get. If you need help with content management, contact our management team to view our services, plans & case studies.

    Engage With Your Audience

    You should strive to engage with your new fans. A few simple ways to do this:

    The more you engage with your new fans, the more they’ll engage with you. Then new potential followers will be impressed by the high engagement on your account. GRAMiety brings thousands of eyeballs to your page & grow you an authentic following. It is then up to you how much you do with this opportunity. Start thinking about how you can improve your account to make more of these people want to follow you.

    Write an interesting bio

    Post Instagram Story Frequently

    Fill your profile with entertaining Story Heighlights

    Post IGTV Content

    Comment on your followers photos

    Tighten Your Niche

    We can proudly guarantee growth for pretty much any account. However, the tighter your niche, the easier it will be to get people to follow you. If you have just a general account with no specific targeting, start thinking about what kind of interests you can focus in on. Food, travel, yoga, music, dancing, or some particular combination of several interests.
    The more you speak to your niche, the more interest you’ll get from
    like minded users

Still Have Questions?

We are always available to talk. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out! We want to hear from you.