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What to Expect Now

You won’t see maximum results for some weeks. Remember, the longer you are in our system the better your results. The first couple weeks are your warm up phase as it’s really important that we don’t attack full on right away. Doing so risks getting your account not looking natural to Instagram which can hurt your results.

This doesn’t mean you aren’t going to gain followers right away, but we have to scale up your activity just like a typical user who is becoming more and more active on Instagram.

Below is a timeline of what you can expect.

Press + to open.

  • Week 1-3

    This is your warm up phase. Since your account is new to interacting with high volumes of users daily, we need to take it slowly at first. We will increase the activity just like any other user on Instagram would when becoming more active. The growth will continuously ramp up as your account grows. Please be patient early on as we must take things slowly per Instagrams rules.

  • Week 3-4

    This is where you will start noticing some REAL RESULTS, but often we need to switch out your targeting. We will consult with you when targeting or other details need to be adjusted.

  • 5+

    Your account is now fully warmed up and working at full capacity. However, results usually still get better and better each month. At this point we simply need to communicate, continuously monitor targeting, and work on any problems that sometimes can arise!

Next 12 to 24 Hours

A team member will contact you within 12 to 24  hours (most times instantly) to get you logged into our system.

At times we may need to retrieve a 6-digit verification code that Instagram sends you. If requested by Instagram we need this to gain access & begin growing your account. This code is only sent when our team contacts you so no need to look for a code just yet, just be ready!

  • You will receive an SMS from our team within 24hours from +1 (323) 641-4484
  • Your verification code is sent to you from Instagram, via E-Mail or SMS
  • The code is time-sensitive, so you need to send it back to us quickly
  • Instagram may sometimes send you a “Was This You?” Please always select “IT WAS ME”. The other option will prompt you to change your password & delay your growth service.

Then you’re all set!