How Does Your Service Increase Engagement Such As Likes, Comments & Messages? - HypePlanner

Nobody wants to have a high number of followers with a low amount of likes on their posts. There’s nothing worse than an Instagram account with 120K followers & just 650 likes average per post or even 40K followers & only 65 likes! This is usually the result of purchasing FAKE FOLLOWERS, which we advise nobody to do. Not only will this completely mess up your engagement but it also lowers your credibility to other users and ruins your chances of monetising through Instagram – as your fake followers will NOT be engaging in your comment or spending money / collaborating with you.

As we are directing real users to your account, the ones who follow you did so for a reason! This ensures the growth of a genuine and authentic following which will also increase activity on your account such as likes, comments, dm’s, you name it!